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We need your help. Mangarawr grew a lot more than we anticipated, but for the past two months, our traffic took a hit due to Cloudflare. Right now we are in a bit of distress. We know that we are doing something good and better than others to have so many visitors, but for now, we need more. So it would be really helpful if you guys can promote our website. We would really appreciate it.


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Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂


Just got here today (was looking for someplace to read Beastars) and I found this site, it’s a pretty nice place! Keep up what you’ve got going, but I have one suggestion.. Dark theme for the main pages?


I was also wondering if you guys own the site “”..? It has the same interface, and I only came here instead due to it’s stopped on chapter 161..


perfect! lol keep up u’r great work ^_^ only one thing! you need to advertise this site, but keep it clean & simple great as it is!!and like for starters u should add Share Content in social medias n all! i am certain all otakus will love it 😉

Mafuru orashi

Please release domestic girlfriend and my teen romantic comedy snafu


The “Load More” button is broken, it doesn’t do what it is intended.

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